Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bike License Complicated

When I picked up my new bike, the specialized bike shop in Aiea assisted me with my license and soon thereafter, it arrived in the mail. Have recently found out that new bike licensing is not a problem, however, those who import bikes to the Islands or hand down bikes may be in for a hard time. That is, they must show proof of ownership.
There must be a way to facilitate licensure of those who do not buy a new bike and I am going to explore that.
Too bad, the weather today is not cooperating, but we badly need the rain so I won't complain. I also heard the weather forecast in the South and on the East coast. Lucky we live Hawaii!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New bike lanes planned

As part of Bike Plan Hawaii, new bike lanes will be constructed near the Mokapu area of Oahu. This was voted upon yesterday at the meeting of the Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization. It seems that more people are becoming interested in bicycle safety.
I would be doing a lot more riding if I felt safe on the roads around Mililani. M

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A short week

It seems as if the weekend was just here. I am trying to encourage the formation of walking or biking school buses for kids. It takes some doing but would provide exercise, keep congestion from the schools and save money.
The children in my neighborhood are good cyclists, especially Zack. It is good to see children being active, especially bicycling. I hope the weather stays clear thru the weekend so I can get out to ride my bike. It doesn't seem possible that I have had it for almost three months. One of the best things I have done for myself. M

Sunday, January 17, 2010


My bike is parked on the Lanai (patio) and butterflies are fluttering around it. There are lots of flowers and they may think it is one. A beautiful day in paradise. M

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Red is my favorite color

I have always liked the color red. It has special significance to the Chinese, and makes me feel like it is a special occasion when I wear it.
So my red bike is the perfect color for me. Now, I am painting one wall in my living room a beautiful dark red to match my red couch. It probably is one of the best colors for a bicyclist like me who is literally just relearning the skill. Watch out for me.
Aloha, Marilyn

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Physical therapists suggest bike safety pointers

I met with a group of physical therapists yesterday who were enthusiastic about bicycling for exercise. BUT, they have a number of recommendations about safe biking that can be found on their website:
They also gave us a test which measured our balance capacity--I tried standing on one foot with my arms crossed as instructed and only made a few seconds. I am going to practice some more--it sounds so easy, but it isn't.
The pamphlet they gave out also emphasized the importance of back strength--especially for road bike riders. Pedaling also requires aerobic conditioning.
Aloha, M

Friday, January 8, 2010

Holidays are at last over...

The holidays are at last over and life is getting back to normal.. Everything gets so hectic. I met my friend Jerry in the parking lot near the market. He had ridden his bike there.
Bike racks have still not been moved close to the markets in either center. Makes it difficult to watch the bike even if it is locked. The basket just clips off and is not locked in any way.
When my son John and new wife Ali were here they bought a new surf board. Sadly, they have returned to the mainland and the board is hanging in the garage. We discovered we had a vintage board in the garage and I am looking for someone to bring it back to life.
Storing my bike in the garage closet has worked out very well and I no longer imagine finding the red bike missing when I get home. I doubt, though , that anyone would dare be seen riding my beautiful bike around town--it is too unusual and clearly special. I am very proud of it, and the fact that I have been able to get back on a bike again. Cheers, M